Exploring Tourism in Chile: Santiago vs. Atacama Desert with Leviamice’s All-Inclusive Services

Chile, a country known for its diverse landscapes and rich culture, offers an array of unique experiences for tourists. From the bustling city life in Santiago to the otherworldly landscapes of the Atacama Desert, there’s something for everyone. If you’re planning a trip to Chile, Leviamice provides a seamless and comprehensive way to book Marriott International hotels, along with a variety of other travel services. Let’s delve into what makes Santiago and the Atacama Desert must-visit destinations and how Leviamice can enhance your travel experience.

Santiago: The Heart of Chilean Culture

Santiago, the capital and largest city of Chile, is a vibrant metropolis that combines modernity with tradition. The city boasts an impressive skyline set against the backdrop of the Andes, offering breathtaking views. Cultural attractions like La Moneda Palace, the Santiago Museum of Contemporary Art, and the historic Plaza de Armas are just a few highlights. You can also indulge in Chilean cuisine at the famous Mercado Central or explore the bohemian charm of the Bellavista neighborhood.

Where to Stay in Santiago

For a luxurious and comfortable stay, consider booking a Marriott International hotel through Leviamice. With options like the Santiago Marriott Hotel and The Ritz-Carlton Santiago, you’ll find a perfect blend of elegance and convenience. These hotels are strategically located, providing easy access to the city’s attractions while offering top-notch amenities.

Atacama Desert: A Surreal Landscape

In stark contrast to Santiago’s urban environment, the Atacama Desert offers a surreal and awe-inspiring landscape. Known as the driest desert in the world, Atacama is home to unique geological formations, salt flats, geysers, and the mesmerizing Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon). Visitors can enjoy stargazing in one of the best places on Earth for observing the night sky, and explore ancient ruins and petroglyphs that tell stories of Chile’s past.

Where to Stay in the Atacama Desert

For a truly unique experience, Leviamice can help you book a stay at the Explora Atacama, a Marriott International property. This luxury lodge provides an ideal base for exploring the desert’s wonders, with guided excursions and an emphasis on sustainability. After a day of adventure, you can relax in the lodge’s spa or take a dip in its pool while enjoying panoramic views of the desert landscape.

Leviamice: Your One-Stop Travel Solution

Leviamice offers a comprehensive range of services to make your trip to Chile unforgettable. With over 700 airlines to choose from, you can find the perfect flight to suit your schedule and budget. Leviamice also provides event booking and ticketing services, allowing you to explore local events and festivals in both Santiago and the Atacama Desert. Additionally, you can benefit from global travel insurance, global car hire services, global eSIMs, and flight compensation assistance of up to 600 Euros in case of disruptions.

For travelers who like to plan ahead, Leviamice’s Saving Accounts are a unique way to save for your trip. Deposit funds into your account, and when you’re ready to travel, use them to book your flights, hotels, and other services. Leviamice also accepts cryptocurrencies like USDT, ETH, and BTC, providing even more flexibility in your payment options.

Contact Leviamice for Your Next Adventure

With Leviamice, you can experience an “Exclusive Lifestyle” with everything you need for your trip to Chile under one roof. Whether you’re exploring the vibrant city of Santiago or the stunning landscapes of the Atacama Desert, Leviamice is your trusted travel partner. Contact Leviamice at info@leviamice.com for any service or assistance, and start planning your Chilean adventure today.

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