Iberia Introduces Innovative Check-In and Boarding Pass Services via WhatsApp


Iberia, Spain’s flagship airline, has recently announced a groundbreaking enhancement to its customer service offerings. Passengers can now check in and obtain their boarding passes directly through WhatsApp. This new feature is available for domestic flights as well as international routes to European Schengen destinations, the UK, Ireland, Chile, Peru, and Uruguay.

Seamless Travel Experience

In an era where digital convenience is crucial, Iberia’s integration of WhatsApp into its check-in procedure represents a significant improvement in customer experience. This effort enables travelers to complete their check-in and obtain their boarding cards with a single message, eliminating the need to navigate various web pages or download extra apps.

How It Works

The process is straightforward:

  • Contact: Passengers ought to save Iberia’s WhatsApp number in their contacts.
  • Start a Chat: Open a WhatsApp discussion with the saved contact.
  • Follow Instructions: The automated system walks the customer through the check-in procedure, needing information such as the booking reference and personal identification.
  • Receive Boarding Pass: Once completed, the boarding pass is given immediately to you over WhatsApp and can be shown at the airport.

This service is intended to be user-friendly, catering to travelers who prefer the convenience and immediacy of messaging apps to traditional means.

Benefits of the Service

  1. Convenience: The new service decreases the number of steps required to check in, making it faster and more accessible, particularly for tech-savvy tourists.
  2. Time-saving: Using WhatsApp, passengers can avoid lines at check-in kiosks and counters.
  3. Accessibility: Because WhatsApp is so widely used, this service is available to a large number of people without the need for additional software.
  4. Efficiency: The automated technology assures a smooth process with minimal human mistake and wait times.
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Expanding Digital Horizons

Iberia’s unique move is part of a broader trend in the airline sector toward digital transformation. By embracing WhatsApp, a network utilized by over 2 billion people worldwide, Iberia ensures that its services are relevant and accessible. This is consistent with the greater goal of improving the passenger experience through technology.

Future Prospects

Iberia’s use of WhatsApp for check-in and boarding permits is expected to create a precedent for other airlines. As digital communication becomes more integrated into daily life, other carriers may follow suit and incorporate comparable features into their customer service offerings. This not only streamlines processes, but also fulfills the changing needs of modern passengers.


Iberia’s creative usage of WhatsApp for check-in and boarding pass distribution demonstrates the company’s commitment to customer-centric service. The airline simplifies the travel experience by leveraging readily available technologies, making it more convenient and efficient for travelers. As this service becomes available, it promises to improve the travel experience for passengers flying on domestic routes and to a number of overseas destinations. This move is a huge step forward in the airline’s digital strategy, with the potential to create a new industry standard.

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