A Unique Business Experience with LeviaMICE: From Conference to Safari Adventure in Nairobi

For a group of business professionals attending a conference at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC), the experience went beyond the usual corporate setting, thanks to the exceptional planning by LeviaMICE. This group not only tackled high-level meetings and presentations but also enjoyed a unique blend of aerial and ground views of Nairobi National Park, followed by a luxurious stay at the JW Marriott Hotel at GTC.

Aerial Views: The Conference Begins with a Helicopter Ride

The conference attendees arrived in Nairobi with high expectations. To set the tone for a memorable experience, LeviaMICE arranged a thrilling helicopter ride to the KICC, providing an unforgettable aerial view of Nairobi National Park. From above, the group marveled at the juxtaposition of a bustling cityscape and the sprawling savanna, where giraffes, rhinos, and zebras roamed freely. This unique perspective was a perfect introduction to Nairobi and a stunning way to kick off the conference.

The Conference at KICC: A Center of Innovation and Collaboration

The Kenyatta International Convention Centre is a renowned venue for conferences and events in Nairobi, offering state-of-the-art facilities and a central location. The group spent their days in engaging meetings and collaborative sessions, discussing business strategies and networking with industry peers. LeviaMICE ensured everything ran smoothly, from the technology setup to catering services, allowing the attendees to focus on their work without distractions.

Luxury at JW Marriott Hotel at GTC: The Perfect Place to Relax

After each day’s conference sessions, the group returned to the comfort of the JW Marriott Hotel at GTC. This luxurious hotel, located in the heart of Nairobi’s business district, offered a sanctuary where attendees could unwind and rejuvenate. The spacious rooms, modern amenities, and attentive staff ensured a relaxing stay.

The hotel also featured excellent dining options, a well-equipped fitness center, and a rooftop pool with stunning city views. Whether it was enjoying a cocktail at the bar or indulging in a gourmet dinner, the group found plenty of ways to relax and socialize after their busy conference days.

A Safari at Nairobi National Park: A Post-Conference Retreat

With the conference concluded, LeviaMICE had planned a special treat for the group: a safari adventure at Nairobi National Park. This unique national park, just a short drive from the city center, offered a refreshing escape from the urban hustle. The group embarked on a guided tour in a Land Cruiser, allowing them to experience the park’s wildlife up close.

During the safari, the group had the chance to see a diverse array of animals, including lions, buffalos, giraffes, and numerous bird species. The guides provided fascinating insights into the park’s ecosystem and shared stories about the animals’ behaviors, adding depth to the experience. It was a perfect way to unwind and connect with nature after the intensity of the conference.

LeviaMICE: Crafting Unique Business Experiences

LeviaMICE’s expert planning and attention to detail made this business trip truly exceptional. From the thrilling helicopter ride to the seamless conference organization and the safari adventure at Nairobi National Park, the entire experience was designed to be both productive and enjoyable. By blending business with leisure, LeviaMICE created an event that not only met the group’s professional needs but also offered memorable experiences that would be talked about long after the trip ended.

For business travelers looking to add a touch of adventure to their corporate events, LeviaMICE’s expertise in planning and their ability to create unique experiences make them an ideal partner. If you’re seeking to transform a routine conference into an extraordinary journey, look no further than LeviaMICE.

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