Boosting MICE: 50 Essential Blogs For The Industry

The Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) industry is constantly evolving, propelled by innovative ideas, technology, and best practices. The abundance of specialized blogs dedicated to MICE issues is an invaluable resource for staying current in this ever-changing area. Here, we showcase 50 significant MICE blogs that promote the sector by providing insights, trends, and practical suggestions for professionals.

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  1. LeviaMICE Blog.
    LeviaMICE is the vital blog for modern business travelers. It provides daily postings that guide readers through the difficulties of MICE travel, offering vital tips on how to create memorable events.
  2. Skift Meetings.
    Skift Meetings focuses on event technology developments and unique ideas. With daily updates, it is a goldmine of knowledge for event planners eager to integrate cutting-edge technology and social media into their events.
  3. Cvent Blog. This blog publishes bi-weekly postings on meeting and event industry insights, trends, and best practices, with the goal of simplifying and impacting event management operations.
  4. Smart Meetings.
    Smart Meetings motivates MICE professionals with regular posts about planning memorable and effective events. It’s a necessary read for anyone looking to improve their event organizing skills.
  5. MPI Blog: MPI offers materials to help meeting planners improve their skills. It publishes five postings per month, keeping professionals up to date on industry trends and news.
  6. Visit Raleigh Meetings Insider Blog.
    This blog highlights unique venues in Raleigh, with three entries per month to assist planners in discovering new and fascinating event places.
  7. Meeting Travel
    Meetings Travel, which focuses on the latest news in the MICE business, delivers weekly updates that are vital for remaining up to date on global trends and developments.
  8. Conferences That Work Blog.
    Adrian Segar’s blog provides weekly insights into conference design and facilitation, focusing on participant-led events and unconferences.
  9. The MICE Blog.
    Irina’s monthly updates focus on overseas MICE locations, venues, and more. Her skills and experience are vital to worldwide event planners.
  10. Slido Blog. Slido’s daily updates on meeting design and audience interaction are ideal for increasing participant engagement and productivity.
  11. Meetings Industry Association Blog.
    With quarterly articles, this site provides advice and top recommendations from the Meetings Industry Association, with a focus on defining and accrediting industry standards.
  12. Davinci Meeting Rooms Blog. Davinci’s monthly blogs include meeting room solutions and workspace possibilities for modern business workers.
  13. Hosts global blog.
    Hosts Global publishes daily blogs with meeting and event planning ideas that encourage planners to create bold and brilliant experiences.
  14. Disney Meetings & Events Blog. Disney’s monthly postings provide insights into planning and hosting events at Disney destinations, bringing a magical touch to traditional meetings and conventions.
  15. CWT Meetings & Events Blog.
    CWT Meetings & Events publishes four postings every month, keeping professionals up to date on industry trends and developments.
  16. Orlando Meetings Blog.
    This blog gives monthly updates on Orlando’s meeting venues and attractions, making it an excellent resource for planners looking for unique event settings.
  17. Monterey Meetings Blog.
    Monthly entries from the Monterey Meetings Blog include expert advice and trends, with a focus on the scenic Monterey County as a top event venue.
  18. Meetings and Incentives Worldwide
    This blog provides monthly insights on virtual, hybrid, and in-person experiences to assist event planners create exceptional events.
  19. Destination Colorado Blog.
    With weekly articles, this site provides tools for meeting and event planners, highlighting the best solutions in Colorado.
  20. Brightspot Incentives & Corporate Events Blog.
    Brightspot’s monthly postings cover trends in sales incentives, incentive travel, and corporate event planning, offering expert advice to help you generate motivation and outcomes.
  21. Meetings Panama Blog.
    This site publishes weekly posts for meeting professionals in Panama, concentrating on local and international event planning insights.
  22. MICE Benelux Blog.
    MICE Benelux provides bi-weekly updates to experts on changes in the Benelux region, meeting the needs of both local and international planners.
  23. Gavel International Blog.
    Gavel International publishes three postings every month on issues such as employee engagement, productivity, and corporate culture, which are critical for organizing effective meetings.
  24. Modern Meeting Standard Blog. Annual blog posts by Natalie M. Garcia provide strategic insights on meeting planning and execution, enhancing company productivity.
  25. Lensing Blog » Meetings.
    Lensing Blog’s monthly updates provide guidance on how to arrange professional events in Lansing, Michigan, while also highlighting the region’s top meeting venues.
  26. Spooky Nook Meetings & Events Blog. Spooky Nook’s weekly updates cover meeting and event news, offering unique solutions for gatherings.
  27. American Meetings Inc. AMI’s weekly blog provides planners with global views on virtual, live, and hybrid meetings and events.
  28. Evareg Blog. EVAreg’s weekly blog entries provide valuable information for event organizers, including news, best practices, and virtual conference suggestions.
  29. Meeting Logistics Blog.
    Meeting Logistics’ monthly updates provide insights on event design, planning services, and promotional materials, which improve event execution around the world.
  30. M&SE Blog.
    M&SE Blog publishes monthly news and updates from the MICE business, with a focus on Manila’s corporate event management requirements.
  31. Achieve Incentives and Meetings Blog.
    With quarterly updates, this site gives suggestions on establishing incentive programs, travel safety, and more, based on over 70 years of industry expertise.
  32. Zoho Blog» Meeting
    Zoho’s blog provides smart software solutions for meeting planning, as well as regular updates on ideas and guidance for running successful meetings.
  33. Columbus Meeting Blog. Columbus publishes annual reports on the best meeting spaces in Columbus, assisting event planners in finding unique venues for their meetings.
  34. Meetings today.
    Meetings Today is a comprehensive resource for meeting planners, providing industry news, detailed articles, and educational opportunities.
  35. IBTM Event Blog
    IBTM’s blog provides insights and inspiration for the MICE sector, covering topics ranging from destinations to event technology in bi-annual pieces.
  36. Meetings and Events Australia.
    This blog covers the most recent news and insights from the Australian meetings and events business, appealing to a diverse spectrum of professionals.
  37. Meeting Expectations Blog. Meeting Expectations provides suggestions, insights, and trends for event and meeting planners to better engage stakeholders.
  38. BCD Meetings and Events.
    BCD’s blog provides industry news and updates, as well as proactive solutions and innovations for creating impactful meetings.
  39. Benchmark Meetings Blog.
    Benchmark Hospitality’s blog keeps planners up to know on the most recent developments and trends in meetings and events.
  40. Business Event News Blog
    This Australian newspaper gives regular updates on the meetings, incentives, conferences, and events industry, providing useful insights.
  41. Meeting King Blog
    Meeting King’s blog provides how-to instructions and recommendations for managing meeting tasks and documentation, resulting in more efficient meeting procedures.
  42. Decisions Blog.
    The Decisions blog presents insights and research on meeting culture, efficiency, and productivity, with the goal of making meetings the most effective portion of the day.
  43. Lucid Meetings Blog shares best practices for online meetings with customers and remote staff, with annual updates to improve meeting solutions.
  44. Troop Travel Blog.
    Troop’s blog simplifies the meeting planning process by gathering data on expenses, travel ease, COVID limits, and other factors onto one platform.
  45.’s blog offers practical advice for facilitating effective meetings that lead to clarity and results.
  46. Meeting Results Blog
    This blog provides annual posts on meeting tools and planning strategies to assist organizations in optimizing their meeting outcomes.
  47. Meeting Pulse Blog.
    MeetingPulse includes engagement capabilities like as live audience Q&A and surveys, as well as regular updates on meeting tips and trends.
  48. Beenote Meeting Blog.
    Beenote discusses best practices for productive meetings, emphasizing productivity, teamwork, and communication, in annual posts.
  49. Celebrity Cruise Blog
    Celebrity Cruises provides quarterly inspiration for holding business events on their ships, which combine luxurious travel with efficient meetings.
  50. Meeting Science Blog.
    Meeting Science’s cloud-based tool helps firms maximize meeting performance by providing insights into the true cost and impact of meetings.
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These 50 blogs each contribute significantly to the MICE sector by offering professionals with the most recent trends, unique ideas, and practical solutions for organizing successful events. These blogs offer a lot of expertise to help you stay up to date on cutting-edge technology, unique destination insights, and best practices for meeting management.

These blogs offer valuable updates and trends in the MICE industry, helping professionals stay informed and connected. For a broader selection, you can explore Feedspot’s complete list of MICE blogs here.

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