From Passion to Profession: Launching My Travel Company After an Unforgettable Journey

Travel has always been an important element of my life. Over the last few years, I’ve visited more than ten different places, each adding a new chapter to my travel diary. However, my most recent journey stands out as a revolutionary experience, not just enriching my travel experiences but also sparking the formation of my travel firm.

The Unforgettable MICE Event

The adventure began with an invitation to a MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) event, which included a musical spectacle and conference in Nairobi, Kenya’s busy cities. The event was a wonderful blend of business and leisure, with opportunity to network with industry leaders and enjoy world-class musical acts. This one-of-a-kind encounter laid the groundwork for the exploits that would unfold along Kenya’s southern coast.

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Exploring Kenya’s South Coast

From the event, I went on an expedition of Kenya’s southern coast, which is known for its stunning beaches, historical landmarks, and rich cultural legacy. My schedule included visits to some captivating places:

Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park is a marine sanctuary filled with colorful coral reefs and rich marine life. Snorkeling in the clean seas was like entering a different universe, complete with colorful fish and magnificent underwater scenery.
Fort Jesus: This UNESCO World Heritage Site in Mombasa exemplifies the region’s historical significance. Exploring the fort’s old walls and learning about its rich history was both instructive and breathtaking.

Indian Ocean Cruise: Cruising the beautiful waters of the Indian Ocean was unlike any other. The tranquil beauty of the water, mixed with the gentle sway of the boat, generated an experience of peace and wonder that is difficult to imitate.

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Luxurious Accommodations

We enjoyed the best accommodation possible during our trip, lodging in one of the most prestigious luxury resorts in the area. Our accommodations, which were tucked away in lush tropical gardens with a view of the Indian Ocean’s glittering waves, offered a sophisticated haven of peace and tranquility. With lavish furniture, breathtaking vistas, and unparalleled luxury, each well-appointed accommodation made sure that our stay was nothing short of spectacular.

The Birth of a Dream

This trip was more than simply a vacation; it was a voyage of discovery and self-realization. Over the last four years, I’ve been harboring a goal of launching my own travel firm, after visiting different destinations. This specific journey was the final push I needed to make that ambition a reality. With a goal to explore the industry and meet client needs, I invited three close friends to accompany me on this trip.

The Secret Plan

I kept my objectives a secret, instead focusing on making sure my friends had an unforgettable experience. My idea was simple yet profound: give them anything they wanted and take them wherever they wanted to go. Customer happiness was my top goal, and I went to great lengths to make sure they had a good experience. Everything was supported by my upcoming travel company, so this trip was a true test of my business idea.

Fulfilling Each Desire

From the minute we started out, my pals were treated to a sequence of incredible events. Whether it was discovering hidden gems along the coast or indulging in sumptuous dining experiences, every aspect of the trip was thoughtfully arranged to exceed the guests’ expectations. We even crossed borders, visiting another country and bringing an international flavor to our journey. This seamless blend of luxury and discovery made the journey genuinely memorable.

Beginners’ Luck and Alchemist’s Wisdom

As Paulo Coelho so brilliantly describes in “The Alchemist,” beginner’s luck was on my side. Every step of the journey seemed to perfectly match my vision, reinforcing my faith in the road I had chosen. My friends’ excitement and happiness were the ultimate validation of my efforts, and I felt a deep feeling of accomplishment watching them cross items off their bucket lists.

Looking to the future

The adventure began with a desire to travel and has now expanded into a professional endeavor dedicated to fulfilling the travel ambitions of others. As I continue to explore new countries and create one-of-a-kind travel experiences, I am devoted to the same ideals that drove my first trip: great service, bespoke itineraries, and an unyielding focus on client happiness.

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In the midst of my entrepreneurial path, another remarkable feature emerged: a love story that flowered amid the beauty of our travels. Along with my enthusiasm for creating unforgettable experiences for travelers, I was pulled to the most enchanting girl, whose captivating personality shone through every moment of our vacation.

As we traveled together, discovering new places and immersing ourselves in the vivid tapestry of cultures, our bond became stronger with each passing day. Her laughter rang against the backdrop of breathtaking vistas, and her presence provided another element of pleasure to each event.

In her, I found not only a friend, but a kindred spirit—a partner who shared my passion for exploration and valued the world’s beauties as much as I did. We shared in the thrills of discovery, creating memories that would be permanently inscribed in the fabric of our hearts.

Our love story expanded like the pages of a treasured novel, with each chapter distinguished by the beauty of our surroundings and the intensity of our love. Whether we were strolling through ancient ruins together or watching the sunset paint the sky in gold and scarlet, every moment spent together felt like a beautiful gift.

Her gaze inspired me, and her embrace felt like home. As we began this voyage of love and adventure, I realized that our connection was more than a coincidence; it was a serendipitous gift from the universe—a reminder that love has a way of finding us when we least expect it.

To summarize, my journey from enthusiastic traveler to travel company entrepreneur has been distinguished by wonderful experiences and the satisfaction of sharing them with others. By turning my love into a career, I wish to encourage others to travel the world and make memories that will last a lifetime. As I look ahead, I’m delighted to help people mark off their bucket lists and realize their global travel dreams.

Our love story melded effortlessly with my entrepreneurial endeavors, demonstrating the strength of love and the beauty of shared experiences. As we continue to embark on new adventures together, I am grateful for the love that has enriched my life and the limitless possibilities that await us. And thus, through the merger of our shared ambitions and interests, LeviaMICE was established as a monument to the love, adventure, and endless possibilities that await individuals who dare to explore the world and follow their hearts. LeviaMICE, a specialist in MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) and Bleisure travel (Business and Leisure), is committed to creating experiences that effortlessly integrate business and leisure, catering to travelers seeking a perfect balance of work and relaxation on their journeys.

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