Preparing for the 63rd ICCA Congress in Abu Dhabi: A Multifaceted Experience

As the 63rd ICCA Congress approaches, delegates eagerly prepare for an immersive experience in Abu Dhabi, UAE, from October 20 to 23, 2024. This event promises to bring together professionals in the meetings and events business while also providing a rich cultural and sustainability experience in one of the world’s most sophisticated and exciting cities. Here’s what participants should expect:

Abu dhabi etihad towers

Concerts and meet and greets

The ICCA Congress will feature a variety of music and meet-and-greet opportunities. Delegates will get the opportunity to network and relax with their peers while watching performances by local and international performers. These events will promote connections and collaborations in a calm and engaging setting, laying the groundwork for beneficial discussions and relationships.

The Business, Trends, and Growth Pillar

Post-Pandemic Work Dynamics.

The post-pandemic era has profoundly changed the workplace, with a growing interest in hybrid and remote working arrangements. This move has significant repercussions for the event sector. As businesses adjust to these developments, selling group tickets and new event formats have gained popularity.

Crisis in the Event Industry

A key challenge for the sector is the labor shortage. Many professionals are hesitant to return to the events industry, resulting in an urgent need to attract and develop new talent. Strategies to address the situation will be a major focus of the Congress, as industry executives look for methods to reinvigorate the workforce.


Explosion of Events

Despite these limitations, there is an explosion of events, particularly those focused on substance and future-oriented topics. Julius Solaris, an industry leader and the CEO of Boldpush, will discuss how to create compelling, sustainable events that fit the changing needs of audiences.

Culture and Creativity

Louvre Abu Dhabi
Cultural enthusiasts will have the opportunity to visit the Louvre Abu Dhabi, the first universal museum in the Arab world. This institution is part of a larger cultural district that includes plans for five major museums, making it a cornerstone of Abu Dhabi’s cultural landscape.

Exhibitions and Education
The Congress will highlight the intersection of culture and education, with exhibitions and partnerships involving institutions like New York University. This diversification enriches the network and learning opportunities for delegates, providing a holistic view of cultural integration in the modern world.

louvre abu dhabi

Sustainability and Environmental Impacts

Travel Choices
Attendees are advised to take direct flights with the lowest carbon emissions to reduce their environmental impact. This purposeful decision advances global sustainability goals and emphasizes the significance of responsible travel.

Waste Management
In accordance with sustainability initiatives, the Congress will prioritize recycling over rubbish incineration. This effort seeks to reduce environmental impact and foster a culture of reuse and recycling among attendees.

Sustainable Accommodation
Delegates are urged to stay in eco-friendly hotels near the event venue. These lodgings are committed to environmentally friendly methods such as energy saving, trash reduction, and water efficiency, resulting in a greener Congress experience. They can walk to the venue.


The 63rd ICCA Congress in Abu Dhabi promises to be a valuable learning experience, integrating commercial insights, cultural exploration, and environmental principles. As delegates prepare for this historic event, they can expect a lively program that addresses the future of the events industry while honoring Abu Dhabi’s rich tradition and innovative spirit. We look forward to welcoming you to this amazing Congress!

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 20-23 October 2024

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