Save Now, Travel Later: LeviaMICE Partners with PayPal

Planning your dream vacation, business trip, or attendance at a significant event often requires careful budgeting and secure payment options. That’s why LeviaMICE has teamed up with PayPal, a trusted leader in online payments, to offer you a secure platform for saving and managing your travel funds. Now, you can save money ahead of time and travel later with peace of mind.

Why Use LeviaMICE’s Secure Saving Platform?

LeviaMICE understands that planning a trip can be exciting, but it also involves financial commitments. With our partnership with PayPal, we’ve created a secure and straightforward way for you to save for future travel, conferences, tours, or events. No more stressing about having the funds when the time comes—start saving now and enjoy your trip later.

How It Works

Getting started with LeviaMICE’s saving platform is easy. Follow these simple steps to sign up, add funds, and manage your travel savings:

  1. Sign Up or Log In to Your Account
    If you’re new to LeviaMICE, create an account by providing your details. If you’re already a user, simply log in with your credentials.
  2. Access “My Wallet”
    Once logged in, go to the “My Wallet” section. This is where you’ll manage your funds and track your savings.
  3. Top Up Your Wallet
    In “My Wallet,” click on “Wallet Top-Up.” Enter the amount you’d like to save. You can add funds in various currencies, making it flexible for your travel needs.
  4. Choose Your Preferred Payment Method
    After entering your desired amount, select your preferred payment method. With PayPal, you have the security of a widely trusted payment platform.
  5. Confirm and Add Funds
    Once you’ve chosen your payment method, click “Add.” Your funds will be securely processed and added to your wallet.

Enjoy Your Travel Planning

With your funds safely stored in LeviaMICE’s platform, you can plan your trips, events, or tours without financial stress. Whether you’re looking to check off your travel bucket list or attend a must-see conference, your savings are secure, and you have the flexibility to use them when needed.


LeviaMICE and PayPal’s partnership offers a reliable and straightforward solution for travel savings. With easy wallet top-ups and secure payment methods, you can focus on the fun aspects of travel planning without worrying about the finances. Sign up today, start saving, and travel later with LeviaMICE!

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