Leila’s Fascinating Adventure in Albania: An Exploration of Nature and History

Leila’s most recent travel adventure took her to Albania, a nation rich in ancient history, breathtaking scenery, and unspoiled beaches. Leila made reservations with Marriott International Hotels to guarantee her stay was opulent and pleasant, via Leviamice to arrange her itinerary in great detail. A peek of her incredible journey in Albania is provided here.

Arrival and Accommodation

When Leila got to Albania’s bustling city, Tirana, she checked into the Marriott Hotel Tirana. With its state-of-the-art amenities and first-rate service, this chic hotel served as the ideal starting point for her travels.

Exploring the Ancient Ruins of Butrint

The ancient ruins of Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage Site close to the southern border with Greece, were Leila’s first significant destination. Leila was given a captivating look into the past when she visited Butrint, a historic city that was founded in the 7th century BC. She imagined the vibrant life of this once-thriving city as she strolled among the well-preserved ruins of the huge basilica, the Roman baths, and the historic theater. Her historical research was enhanced by the verdant surrounds of the Butrint National Park.

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Hiking in the Albanian Alps

Leila then traveled north to the Albanian Alps, also referred to as the Accursed Mountains in the region. Her accommodations were at the Marriott International Hotel in Shkodër, a quaint city that acts as a starting point for exploring these magnificent peaks. Leila set off on a number of hikes throughout the untamed terrain, passing through lush valleys, glistening rivers, and breathtaking mountain passes. The hike from Valbona to Theth was especially amazing since it provided sweeping vistas of the surrounding peaks and an opportunity to commune with nature at its most pristine.

Sailing Along the Ionian Coast

After that, Leila made her way to the charming town of Sarandë, where she checked into yet another cozy Marriott establishment. She sailed around the breathtaking Ionian shoreline from this point on. The picture-perfect setting for a leisurely day on the lake was created by the turquoise waves and secret coves. She liked swimming and snorkeling in the pristine waters of the captivating Blue Eye Spring, a natural wonder known for its vivid blue hues.

Unique Places Visited


A visit to Gjirokastër, a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its exquisitely preserved Ottoman buildings, was one of Leila’s trip’s highlights. Leila saw the town’s historic beauty while staying in a boutique Marriott hotel, where she could stroll around the cobblestone streets, historic residences, and the impressive Gjirokastër Fortress. Located in the former residence of Enver Hoxha, the ethnographic museum provided insightful information on Albanian history and culture.


It wouldn’t be Leila’s voyage without a stop to Ksamil’s breathtaking beaches. Known for its pristine waters and white sand beaches, Ksamil is frequently referred to as the “Ionian Pearl.” She enjoyed excellent seafood at neighborhood seaside eateries, swimming in the blue waves, and spending her days relaxing on the beach. The peaceful environment made for the ideal conclusion to her exciting voyage across Albania.

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Reflecting on the Journey

Leila considered the variety of experiences Albania had provided as her trip came to an end. Albania had captured her heart with everything from sailing around gorgeous coasts and touring historic villages to exploring ancient ruins and hiking breathtaking mountains. Her travels were comfortable and unforgettable because of the easy reservations she made with Leviamice along with the wonderful accommodations she received at Marriott International Hotels.

Looking Ahead

Leila is already arranging her next travel itinerary, having experienced the marvels of Albania. She is eager to explore Kazakhstan’s cultural richness, Israel’s rich historical tapestry, and Iceland’s breathtaking landscapes. Leila is confident that her experiences with Marriott International Hotels through Leviamice will always be remarkable and life-changing, no matter where she goes.

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